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Motorola d520 This was a gift from a friend who was tired of not being able to get a hold of me.



Motorola M3188 Oooo cool flip cover over the number pad



Nokia 8210 So tiny and cute (mine was blue)! Sold this to a friend (sucker) and was able to afford these 2 phones with the money:

Nokia 6210

Nokia 3330



Siemens ME45 Needed a robust phone for work.....thing was nearly indestructible and waterproof! It fell out of my pocket and was lost one day so I bought:



Nokia 6610 My first with a color screen. Mine was silver, not black.



Nokia 7610 I wanted the silver one but the store only had the black and red one in. Really funky design on this one



Nokia N73 Music edition (I never knew what the diff was, really)



HTC Desire S Gave this to my mother-in-law



HTC One Just got it and it's AMAZING!



Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black. Loving it!



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on Feb 03, 2015


sony ericcson t610  and now sony tipo (used as internet modem )  and samsung s3 ( a good timer and mobile svg editor) .

Sad that new sony ericsson phones don`t exist anymore.

Nokia j2me phones i did use too but they were garbage ( j2me and games themes etc. was pretty good but the rest, better not say it... .

regards bluedxca93


on Feb 03, 2015


Never owned one.

No plans to.



That's what I said a couple of years back.   I hated the idea... now I have a Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone and am glad I 'rethunk' my position.  Not only does it make and receive phone calls, it doubles as an MP3/MP4 player... and/or a game pad... and I can surf the net or check my emails while sitting there completely bored shitless in the drs waiting room.  Yup, hated the idea, now it's a blessing.

on Feb 04, 2015

When they first came out with the camera in your phone I said I'd never have one of those. After all, what do you need a camera in your phone for? Now I deposit checks with it, scan code, print out the pictures. Eh, we can always change our minds! 

on Feb 04, 2015


we can always change our minds!

Exactly!!!! What's that they call it... a woman's whatchamacallit....?  Well it's a man's one, too?

on Feb 06, 2015

Let's see - I had a cellular phone from Panasonic or Mitsubishi or one of those Japanese companies that was almost small briefcase size and full powered at 3 watts, I believe. Then I had a cellular phone for the car that I self-installed before they were very popular. From there, there have been too many to mention here. To be honest, many of them have been forgotten......I know for sure I had an early windows phone, the Motorola MPX200, followed by the MPX220. I had another windows phone, the HTC Star Trek, and then moved on to android phones. I had multiple android phones and then switched back to windows phones like the Nokia Lumia Icon and currently am using the HTC M8 for Windows.


on Feb 06, 2015

iPhone 5s 16gb space grey 

on Feb 06, 2015

iPhone 5S silver 64GB

on Feb 06, 2015

Whenever I see or hear about an iPhone I think of a Kevin Bloody Wilson song... Jafo and other Aussies 'll know the one I mean.

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