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Motorola d520 This was a gift from a friend who was tired of not being able to get a hold of me.



Motorola M3188 Oooo cool flip cover over the number pad



Nokia 8210 So tiny and cute (mine was blue)! Sold this to a friend (sucker) and was able to afford these 2 phones with the money:

Nokia 6210

Nokia 3330



Siemens ME45 Needed a robust phone for work.....thing was nearly indestructible and waterproof! It fell out of my pocket and was lost one day so I bought:



Nokia 6610 My first with a color screen. Mine was silver, not black.



Nokia 7610 I wanted the silver one but the store only had the black and red one in. Really funky design on this one



Nokia N73 Music edition (I never knew what the diff was, really)



HTC Desire S Gave this to my mother-in-law



HTC One Just got it and it's AMAZING!



Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black. Loving it!



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on Dec 24, 2012

let's see........there were.......

a sony ericsson Z520 (may have been a Z525) (loved that phone)

then a motorola razr (hated it)

then a SE W600 or something like that (it had a walkman built into it)

a SE W580

one with windows mobile 6 on it (i think it was an htc)

a blackberry pearl

a blackberry curve

a nokia faux iphone

back to the curve

an iphone 3s

an iphone 4

an iphone 4s

and now a nokia lumia 920 (to paraphrase tony the tiger, "it's grrrrreat!)



on Dec 24, 2012

i started with Panasonic

then moved to Sony Ericsson, i would even say i was fanboy, as they were the only phone manufacturer to produce aesthetically pleasing phones for a while, i still have sweet spot for the t68 and have it somewhere...



and now i have  iPhone 4s  white...

on Mar 25, 2013

My next phone:

As soon as I can get my hands on the thing (the release date for Norway keeps getting pushed)

on Mar 25, 2013

on Apr 09, 2013

Im using Net10 Samsung phone. I love it! Small & handy & AFFORDABLE! 

on Apr 09, 2013

Me n Vampy are sporting these babies now

on Oct 19, 2013

I currently have an HTC One, by far the best phone I have ever owned. 

My work phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3....meh.

But I spend most of my time on my Nexus 7.

on Oct 22, 2013

I currently have an HTC One, by far the best phone I have ever owned.


on Oct 22, 2013

I currently am using a HTC 8X Windows 8 Phone. I really don't like this phone. I'm about ready to throw it at the wall. Hard.

on Oct 22, 2013

I love my samsung galaxy s3 - I don't want to discuss the boring functional dumb phones I had before that. 

on Oct 24, 2013

my first celphone.. well its nokia

on Nov 05, 2013

I still have Nokia 8210 

on Nov 15, 2013

My very first was a Sony Ericsson j5. I can't really remember what I had in between then and now but currently the proud owner of two phone which are Samsung Galaxy S3 and a HTC One X both white. I had contemplated upgrading to the new HTC One but felt it would be a waste of money having coming into possession of the One X Christmas time 2012.

on Nov 15, 2013

Never owned one.

No plans to.



on Jan 19, 2015

a bit miss nokia times

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