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Motorola d520 This was a gift from a friend who was tired of not being able to get a hold of me.



Motorola M3188 Oooo cool flip cover over the number pad



Nokia 8210 So tiny and cute (mine was blue)! Sold this to a friend (sucker) and was able to afford these 2 phones with the money:

Nokia 6210

Nokia 3330



Siemens ME45 Needed a robust phone for work.....thing was nearly indestructible and waterproof! It fell out of my pocket and was lost one day so I bought:



Nokia 6610 My first with a color screen. Mine was silver, not black.



Nokia 7610 I wanted the silver one but the store only had the black and red one in. Really funky design on this one



Nokia N73 Music edition (I never knew what the diff was, really)



HTC Desire S Gave this to my mother-in-law



HTC One Just got it and it's AMAZING!



Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Black. Loving it!



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on Dec 22, 2012

HTC Desire S This is my current phone....still works and I can't justify buying a new phone yet.

I almost bought one of these a few months ago... wish I had when I think of the Telstra POS I ended up with.

However, I now have the Nokia Lumia 820 and couldn't be happier, so the one I almost got and the one did got don't matter anymore.

on Dec 22, 2012

I'm still using the Nokia Tracfone I bought in 2005 or 2006. 

on Dec 22, 2012

I'm still using the Nokia Tracfone I bought in 2005 or 2006. 

Well that's a step up from the 2 cans on a string you were using before. 

So things in the hills are looking up, then?  Must've been when you tried adding a second string and a third can as an extension to your mother-in-laws and realised it didn't work.

Oh well, it was probably for the best.  Had the neighbours tripped over it they could have sued your ass big time.

So how's that Nokia Tractorfone going... and is that the battery or the wind-up version?

on Dec 22, 2012

Rubber band powered. I tried Carrier Pigeons once.....they were delicious.

on Dec 22, 2012

That was a nice walk down memory lane for me

on Dec 22, 2012



on Dec 22, 2012

That is one high-tech set of cans Doc!

on Dec 22, 2012

Rubber band powered.

Oh yeah, the old rubber band trick, eh! 

Me, I skipped that model, went straight to the hamster in a wheel one... not that it impressed me for long.

Damned thing stunk of rodent after a while and wasn't something you'd wanna put in yer pocket.

on Dec 22, 2012



mine My boss had one of these for work  bloody clunker of a thing

my boss gave me this one when I left

on Dec 22, 2012




then a few junky ones...

one before last..



I still have all of these...though I 'fell' on the 8200 whilst it's NQR hence getting the 8700...

on Dec 22, 2012

My current. Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.


on Dec 22, 2012

on Dec 22, 2012

Interesting to look back....I still have most of mine. Tossed the 3310 (POS) and accidentally destroyed the Blackberry 7730

First Phones:
Nokia 6110
Nokia 3310
Nokia 6510

Blackberry - 7730
Windows Mobile 5 - Cingular 2125 (HTC Faraday) *FAVORITE
Windows Mobile 6 - AT&T Tilt (HTC TyTNII)
Blackberry - Curve 8530

Current:Windows Phone 7.5 - Sprint Arrive (HTC 7 Pro)

on Dec 24, 2012
on Dec 24, 2012

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