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I've had a problem off and on with my laptop crashing/BSOD when playing flash based content (like youtube videos).


It's been good for about 6 months now so I was surprised when it again happened today. I restarted the computer and was confronted with another bluescreen. After several tries at rebooting and system repairs (failed......."windows could not repair"), I decided to reinstall the OS......clean slate, ya know.

All was fine after everything was installed (drivers, etc) but the computer crashed again when I tried to do the windows rating index (no bsod, just a sudden dump). I tried it twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke.


Did a windows update and the thing crapped out again after the reboot to install. I managed to get the lappy to start again and scheduled a chkdsk. Rebooted.

Waiting for CHKDSK to finish.....


Earlier, I have only had crashes when playing flash based video and I've read online about problems with adobe flash and ATI cards. But this seems different to me.

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on Mar 10, 2012


and you can't buy directly from Toshiba Norway either

on Mar 10, 2012

Looks like the best option is to buy in Denmark. Sweden is even more expensive than Norway. I'm seeing PCs listed in Denmark for DKK 5,000 less than the same machine in Norway (ha....the Danish krown is almast the same as the Norwegian.....that's a first).

on Mar 10, 2012

Just be sure it includes VAT and any Import tax if applicable

on Mar 11, 2012

New candidate:


Minus points for this model:

Screen res is only 1600x900.

No bluetooth.

No blue ray.

The 750GB HDD is a 5400 RPM.


Plus points:

Extra 128GB SSD.

16GB ram preinstalled.

Second gen i7 processor.

And also very important......price

on Mar 11, 2012

The 5,400 rpm is irrelevant as you'll use this drive for storage mostly. The SD will be your OS drive and fast as hell. 16gb of ram will certainly be enough plus an i7 cpu. Good bang for buck i'd say. 1600x900 is still a pretty nice resolution. Since the resolution is only 1600x900 it wouldn't have blu-ray as that's HD anyway. Does bluetooth matter ?


on Mar 11, 2012

I have no experience with ASUS, I was only repeating what my local PC repair shop guys say

Repair guys make their money by doing.....REPAIRS....they want you to buy something they will get to work on.

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