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I've had a problem off and on with my laptop crashing/BSOD when playing flash based content (like youtube videos).


It's been good for about 6 months now so I was surprised when it again happened today. I restarted the computer and was confronted with another bluescreen. After several tries at rebooting and system repairs (failed......."windows could not repair"), I decided to reinstall the OS......clean slate, ya know.

All was fine after everything was installed (drivers, etc) but the computer crashed again when I tried to do the windows rating index (no bsod, just a sudden dump). I tried it twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke.


Did a windows update and the thing crapped out again after the reboot to install. I managed to get the lappy to start again and scheduled a chkdsk. Rebooted.

Waiting for CHKDSK to finish.....


Earlier, I have only had crashes when playing flash based video and I've read online about problems with adobe flash and ATI cards. But this seems different to me.

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on Mar 06, 2012 IS running at 205 F.......seems hot to me

on Mar 06, 2012

it could also be a problem with the graphics chipset overheating, in which case GPU-Z (also free) will help diagnose that too.

how hot it too hot for a GPU?

on Mar 06, 2012

I'm with Jorge. Temps first then memory.

I have an ASUS F8V I upgraded to W7x64. Probably the best laptop I've ever had and I've had a few....3 Sonys, 2 Dells, 1 HP & 1 Toshiba

The most common issue I've run across is fan failure (except that big ass 17" went thru 3 mbs) I've replaced fans on 3 different laptops from 3 manufacturers. One is a Sony Vaio PCG FRV26 I bought 10 years ago and is still running today.

on Mar 06, 2012

GPU over 100C and I'd worry.....most of the time mine hover between 60-80C depending on load

CPU over 100C is probably toast....mine idle around 36C-40C


edit: 205F! can your hear your fan running or feel it blowing air?

on Mar 06, 2012

For a CPU that is very HOT.

Just my opinion, but $1.00 worth of Arctic Silver could save you all lot of money down the road. If it is still overheating after a cleanout, that is the most likley reason. Hardware failure/defects would be another. according to my research.

GPU temps vary, my old 8800GT cooks right along at 65c, 100c under load. If you are anywhere near that with a modern GPU though, you've got trouble.

on Mar 06, 2012

on Mar 06, 2012

you need to put that thing next to a fan or ac vent while you use is most likely fan failure since both CPU & GPU are running hot under minimal loads


you should be able to get a fan for less than $50 & you'll need artic silver as they normally mount like a heat sink on top of the CPU

on Mar 06, 2012

Holy crap!

Your laptop is about to start melting.

As Lantec pointed out, I think your fan(s) stopped working.

on Mar 06, 2012

based on the GPUZ report I don't think he has a fan on his video card......probably just one fan for the entire system

on Mar 06, 2012

both CPU & GPU are running hot under minimal loads

I agree. At those loads, that is crazy hot.

on Mar 06, 2012


on Mar 06, 2012

dunno...the fan's whirring away.......CPU temp is down to 70 C now.

on Mar 06, 2012

GPU temp is at 81 C

on Mar 06, 2012

By any chance, did you get a look at the BSOD? Did you plug anything via usb?

on Mar 06, 2012

70 C for CPU and 81C for GPU at *idle* are *terrible* temperatures. As soon as your system starts doing anything, it will overheat and eventually crash. The CPU should be protected from physically burning out because it will throttle down once it gets to TjMax, but the system *will* crash and eventually something is going to burn out or melt inside that laptop.

Airflow seems to be blocked, you need to get it fixed ASAP.

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